One year on and clearly coconuts…..

As well as celebrating a royal birth this week, my blog is a year old and a big thanks to all those who have read my posts over the past 12 months.  Thank you also for all the support and encouragement to continue – I am glad my missives have been enjoyed.

Renaming or re-branding anything is a tricky exercise – just ask anyone working for Ernst and Young, or EY as they are now branded.   I have left the Middle East so this has been a natural juncture to review and rename my blog.  I am in Thailand for now and I started to find inspiration on my first day…

This bowl of freshly made coconut ice-cream was  delicious, cost 20 baht (approx. 42p/65 cents. ) and came complete with a partly nutritious, partly biodegradable bowl and stunning view.  Coconuts are in abundance here and a big staple in the local diet.

My "office" viewCoconuts are of course not exclusive to Thailand.  According to Wikipedia, coconut growing areas “are now almost ubiquitous between 26°N and 26°S except for the interiors of Africa and South America”. Coconuts need sun and rain so therefore thrive in the tropical belt that goes around the world.  Thailand is of course in that belt and like many other coconut growing countries, this hard-shelled fruit features heavily on the landscape and on the plateWhere I am, coconuts are everywhere – literally.  This is my “office” view…

“The Coconut Times” reflects where I am and what I am doing with this blog and the parrot on my masthead is a yellow-bibbed Lory – Lorius chlorocercus, a species indigenous to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon islands.  I captured this image a couple of years ago on a dive holiday in the Solomon Islands.


Meantime, look out for more reports of my coconut times.

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